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Our experts in Albany, NY will provide quick and accurate brake replacements

Experience peace of mind the next time you're on the road. Albany Auto Service and Tire in Albany, NY provides professional brake replacements. First, you'll receive a free brake inspection. We'll make sure your brakes are working properly and your steering wheel isn't jerking when you drive.

Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. So, you can trust us to listen to your complaints and get the job done right the first time. And we'll double-check our work to make sure everything is running smoothly before we return your car to you.

You can chat with a team member to learn more.

Stay safe on the road

Your brakes play a crucial role in your safety. Let Albany Auto Service and Tire conduct a free brake inspection at our auto shop in Albany, NY. We'll identify the problem in no time.

Driving around with faulty brakes can...

  • Damage your tires faster
  • Ruin your pads, rotors and calipers
  • Place you and your passengers in danger
Our crew has decades of combined experience and will take care of your brake replacements with care. Set up an appointment today by calling 518-487-4766.

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